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This article is for modelers and admins who are starting their EA practice in EA SaaS. The article covers on How a Modeler/ EA User can Connect to EA SaaS and Work on Sparx Enterprise Architect from a browser?

Things to Know

1. To connect EA via EA SaaS, keep the Site URL & Login Credentials handy. Customers who have completed the licensing process will receive below details. The details will be sent via email by our Cloud Team. Reach out to the team for any support.

Site URL
User ID and PasswordIt will be shared in a separate mail

2. To access existing EA model from cloud repository, Admin must transfer EA Model Data to Cloud Repository.

3. Teams using SAML SSO can skip User Creation. For details on how to configure SAML SSO refer here.

Steps Modelers/Admin must follow

Follow below steps to connect and access EA Repository via EA SaaS.

1. Open the portal using the URL – which was shared via email and enter the credentials shared via a separate email.

2. On first login, users will be prompted to change their password. Once the password is reset, users will be directed to the home screen.

user management

Please note only Admin users will see the  User Management button. Other Users will only see ‘Open Repository’ button. Read about User Management in the following section “User Management in EA SaaS for Admin”. Following this Admin must create Prolaborate login credential for modelers/collaborators.

3. Click on “Open Repository” button, to open Sparx EA application.

4. For Modelers to access model conveniently, we have pinned The Enterprise Model (Custom Name can be set for Model) on the Sparx EA application Start Page. For e.g. In the above image ‘DemoModel’ is one such model pinned for easy access.

5. Since the model handed over does do not have content, we advise Admin to perform below steps. This will allow users to access model content.

a. Admins can copy their enterprise EA model data to pinned models using project transfer.

b. Admin will receive credentials (Prolaborate login credentials & EA Model credential together) in a separate email. Admin can create users & user groups in the EA model. For more details on the creation of Users & User Groups refer Security Users Guide. For teams using SAML SSO, please skip the creation of users, refer here for more details.

6. Every time users open EA Repository, a message for clipboard sync popup will appear on the screen. Users must click on the ‘Allow’ button. This will enable the Modelers/Admins exchange files/information between local and cloud machines. Read how to exchange information in the below section How to upload & download files in EA Saas.

7. Start your EA practice now.