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This article is for modelers and admins who are starting their EA practice in EA SaaS. The article covers How Admin can manage users in EA SaaS?

  1. Open Portal User, is a feature used for managing users which is custom enabled for Enterprise Architecture Platform. This does not include Prolaborate.
  2. Manage users feature is available only in EA SaaS – Enterprise Standard & Premium Editions.

We would request you to follow the below steps to manage users in EA SaaS.

1. After Login you will land on the landing page as mentioned previously. Click the ‘Open Portal Users’ button on this page.

2. User and License Management page will be displayed with the list of users and their information.

Enterprise Architect Cloud Platform

3. Click on Add User to add a new user to Portal. In the ‘Create User Section’, define the following details.

EmailEnter the email address of the new user.
PasswordEnter the password.
  • On the first login user will be prompted to change the password.
First Name Specify the first name of the user.
Last NameSpecify the last name of the user.
StatusThe status button by default will be active. Toggle if you want to make the user from active to inactive.
Make Super AdminEnable this option if you want to make this user as an admin.

4. After entering all the details click on the Save button and the user will be added. To Add more users, repeat the same process.