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General Information

What is EA SaaS?

EA SaaS is the web equivalent of the popular modeling tool Sparx Enterprise Architect (Sparx EA).

Do all the features of Sparx EA supported by EA SaaS?

Yes, EA SaaS supports all the features of Sparx Enterprise Architect (thick client).

Do all hotkeys work as if they were on a Sparx EA?

Yes, most of the hotkeys work similar to Sparx EA.

Can EA teams use both EA SaaS and Sparx EA simultaneously to access Cloud-hosted models?

Yes, teams can avail of this option, where both applications simultaneously access cloud models.

Can the EA SaaS solution use on-prem databases?

Although this is possible, the option is not recommended since the approach has its limitations such as latency, incurring additional data transfer costs, and requiring IP whitelisting to establish connectivity between On-premises DB and EA SaaS instances.

EA SaaS capable of using on-prem databases, and links to Jira, Confluence, and ServiceNow on-prem?

Yes, EA SaaS can access On-Prem DB. But we do not recommend this for multiple reasons such as latency, and additional cost.

Does EA SaaS support multiple languages?

Absolutely, we should be able to set it up in any language (as long as translated installer, issued by Sparx Systems is added).

When using SSO, how is user management arranged within EA, Prolaborate? Is there single central user management?

Yes, Central User Management is available within EA and Prolaborate. The EA SaaS unified Authentication Portal enables a highly simplified User Experience, with only one user authentication step. Once the user is authenticated through the Enterprise authentication method, the EA SaaS application manages user access to the intended tool.